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OHSAS 18001

OHSAS 18001 migration to ISO 45001

The current OHAS 18001 standard that provides an internationally recognised health and safety management system is being revised and incorporated into the new ISO 45001 standard.

Migration – what to do next
For organisations already certified to OHSAS 18001, there will be a 3-year migration period to enable them to update their systems to the new standard. If you have recently transitioned to ISO 9001:2015 or ISO 14001:2015, you will be familiar with the new format. This uses Annex SL to provide a common structure for smoother and quicker integration of multiple standards.

One of the first tasks we would recommend is a gap analysis to identify the changes you will need to make to your management systems to meet the new standard.

Starting early will give you plenty of time to change current processes before you have to achieve certification to the new standard. Begin your preparation by:
  •  Obtaining a copy of the new standard and researching the significant changes.
  •  Developing a plan for training and awareness to all relevant management levels.
  •  Improving your risk management planning.
  •  Considering a gap analysis to identify changes required.
  •  Involving top management to take accountability for the management system.
  •  Thinking about integrating other management system standards in line with ANNEX SL.
One of the advantages of moving to the ISO platform is that it will fall in line with the other generic management systems ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Both of which have recently been revised to provide a new high-level structure/format.

Be aware that a migration audit may require additional audit time to complete.

Call us if you would like more information or visit our ISO 45001 page to find out how to achieve ISO 45001 certification.