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NHSS 17 17B Revised

NHSS 17 17B Revised

NHSS 17 17b issue 4 has now undergone revision, to become NHSS 17 17B – 9001:2015 Issue-1

Why has the standard been revised?
  • To bring in line with ANNEX SL and ISO 9001:2015
  • To allow integration with ISO 9001:2015 and PAS43 2015
  • To allow for standards to easily integrate with other standards – new format throughout, in line with ANNEX SL
Annex-SL-FormatWhat are the changes?
  • It follows the Annex SL format to fall in line with ISO 9001:2015
  • Definition updates
  • Policies to include top management support for NHSS 17/17b
  • NHSS 17/17b requirements to be included in the scope of the quality management system
  • Quality objectives need to show commitment storage for NHSS 17b
  • Companies are required to have a process in place to record/update their registration to this sector scheme on the Schedule of Suppliers website
  • The organization shall document its arrangements for the identification, segregation, handling, storage and disposal of the different types of wastes arising from the contracted works to maximise opportunities for the re-use and recovery of wastes.
The quality plan shall identify what and when relevant information is passed on to the Customer and Client.
  • Please also refer to Appendix G1 for the schemes interpretation of requires for ISO 9001:2015
What are the timescales for transition to the revised standards?
NHSS 17 17B – 9001:2015 Issue-1 (09-2017) was effective from September 2017

NHSS 17 17B – 9001:2015 Issue-1 (09-2017) has been produced to supersede the UKAS Issue 4 version (which relates to BS EN ISO 9001:2008), however the UKAS Issue 4 version (or an updated version of this) will continue to have validity until September 2018 when the 2008 version of BS EN ISO 9001 will become obsolete.

For clients who are or have upgraded to the ISO 9001:2015 then NHSS 17 17B – 9001:2015 Issue-1 (09-2017) is what they will be audited against.

For clients who have not upgraded and still have a system in place for ISO 9001:2008 then NHSS 17/17b issue is what they will be audited against.

For further information on the changes, the timescales and what this means for you, as a certified client/auditor please contact us.
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