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Benefits of PAS 43

Benefits of PAS 43

PAS 43 was developed to improve the safety of roadside recovery technicians and customers during the process of attending, repairing or recovering vehicles.

Certification demonstrates that a management system is in place, with procedures established to meet safety standards, legislation and best practice for the industry and help road recovery technicians to carry out safe and rapid recovery of vehicles with minimal risks.

Roadside recovery can be very dangerous and PAS 43 was developed by SURVIVE (Safe Use of Roadside Verges in Vehicular Emergencies) to provide best practice procedures and training for road recovery technicians and other staff involved in the process.

Operators will often need to be PAS 43 certified to tender for work with the Police, motoring organisations and the Highways Authority.

The standard covers procedures for:
  • Training to the required standard for technicians
  • Vehicle recovery/removal process at the roadside
  • Provision of protective clothing/equipment used by technicians
  • Vehicles and equipment maintenance
  • Maintenance of operator’ premises